Idea Starters to Elevate the 5 Smooth Stones (PDF 6 mb)
Ideas para Elevar la de las Cinco Piedras Lisas
This 28 page booklet is filled with great ideas that will help to elevate the 5 Smooth Stones in your church. These are idea starters that you can claim, change and evolve into your context of ministry.
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A Local Church’s Strategy: Fifth Avenue Baptist Church, Rome Georgia

 5 Smooth Stones Implementation at an Individual Church (PDF)
28 page booklet to encourage churches to be thoughtful & purposeful in being all they can be in Building the Kingdom Together (Psalm 127), using the resource of 5 Smooth Stones.

Building The Kingdom Together! (PDF)
4 Key Components and 3 steps to Building The Kingdom Together!

2021 Master Planning for 5th Avenue (Spreadsheet)
A master plan spreadsheet that displays objectives for short range, mid range and long range planning.

5 Smooth Stones Video Channel
Offering an entire library of videos to view, share, embed or download.
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5 Smooth Stones Letter from Dr. J. Robert White (PDF .23 mb)
A Letter from Dr. White, Executive Director of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board, to Georgia Baptists encouraging us to get involved in “Reducing Lostness in Georgia Together.”
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5 Smooth Stones Complete Mailer (PDF .88 mb)
Just as David took five smooth stones to face his giant, God is directing the ministries, pastors, and churches of the Georgia Baptist Convention to pick up five smooth stones to face the growing giant of a projected 8.1 million lost people in the state of Georgia. This is a PDF version of the complete mailer initially sent to pastors and churches in Georgia.
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Task Force Report (PDF 1.2 mb)
This report contains the rationale and recommendations for a specific, effective, and strategic approach to engaging the whole of the Georgia Baptist Convention in reaching the soon to be 8.1 million lost people in the state of Georgia.
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Mission Georgia 20/20 Report (PDF 1.2 mb)
This report shows projections of population growth, shifts in our societal structure, cultural influences, community challenges, and new religious realities that will be faced in Georgia through the next decade.
Click here to download the Mission Georgia 20/2o Report

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