Context of the Mission

letter from Dr. White
Letter from Dr. White
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The ministry context in which Georgia Baptists serve is changing at an incredible pace. Over the next 10 years the population of Georgia will grow dramatically in numbers, ethnicity, and urbanization. Ministry expressions of Georgia Baptists are also rapidly changing. Our churches have unique organizational approaches, worship styles, and theological tendencies. Georgia is not staying the same and neither can Georgia Baptists.

Calling to the Mission

Georgia Baptists have a divine calling to engage the lost in this state with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. By the year 2020 those in Georgia who do not have a personal relationship with Christ are expected to be a staggering 8.1 million. The lost population of Georgia will outnumber the current population of 39 states.

Community on a Mission

The most effective Georgia Baptist church, association, or state missionary cannot accomplish this mission alone. This divine calling and mission can only be accomplished by relying upon the power of God to unify the efforts of churches, associations, and state missionaries. We need all sizes, strategies, and styles to conquer this giant.

History has proven over and over again that to accomplish any great task requires an incredible commitment from those engaged in the battle. This has been true in the history of God’s people as well. Time and again they faced overwhelming odds, but through a full dependence on God and full obedience to His commands they overcame.

One biblical example is David and Goliath. When faced with overwhelming odds, David pushed through the challenges of a defeated spirit to experience ultimate victory for God. While others struggled with the overwhelming task, the fear of failure, a lack of courage, and constant criticism, David relied on the power and person of God to lead him to victory.

“And he took his staff in his hand, and chose him five smooth stones out of the brook,
and put them in a shepherd’s bag…”
– 1 Samuel 17:40a

When David saw the giant before him, he ran to the battlefield and along the way picked up five smooth stones. These stones were his primary earthly earthly tool of combat. This wasn’t just a giant he was facing; it was a gift from God to show all the world just how amazing, powerful, and personal the God of the universe is.

Just as David took five smooth stones to face his giant, God is directing the ministries, pastors, and churches of the Georgia Baptist Convention to pick up five smooth stones to face the growing giant of a projected 8.1 million lost people in the state of Georgia. These stones along with our commitment to obedience can allow us to win the battle.

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