Church Revitalization

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The Georgia Baptist Convention consists of 3,604 churches. These churches, large and small, are to be the representation of Christ to our culture. The Georgia Baptist Convention realizes how important it is that as an organization of churches we make the following resolutions:

  • The Georgia Baptist Convention resolves to establish a mentoring network to engage plateaued or declining churches through the ministries of our healthiest congregations in order to revitalize our churches.
  • The Georgia Baptist Convention resolves to engage pastors with practical and current leadership development training opportunities.
  • The Georgia Baptist Convention resolves to equip and structure its state missions staff to focus on church revitalization.

For further assistance with the stone of church revitalization contact:

Larry Wynn, VP for Church Revitalization
770.936..5207 or email Larry

Tim Smith, Sunday School/Small Group Ministries
770.936.5287 or email Tim

Alan Folsom, Discipleship Ministries
770.936.5288 or email Alan

Jon Duncan, Music/Worship Ministries
770.936.5262 or email Jon

Benny Pate, Leadership Ministries
Ministries at 770.936.5277 or email Benny


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